This concert is part of Eindhoven, So What’s Jazz? – a free fringe jazz and beyond program all over Eindhoven’s inner city during So What’s Next? on 2-3-4 November.

Whocat’s musical universe is created by the Brussels-based singer/songwriter Sara Moonen. The band has a robust foundation: Joris Lindemans (double bass) and Davy Palumbo (drums/percussion) share a versatile, organic approach, with lots of space for interaction. Benoit Minon (electric guitar) possesses endless melodic wit and originality. It’s a harmonic universe into which Sara and her men travel with an assured fluidity. The first EP ‘Blueprints’ was released in 2015. The single ‘Fishy Five’ was picked up by Gilles Peterson & Toshio Matsuura and played on BBC6, Radio Nova & Inter FM Japan.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IY6towwXAw[/embedyt]