Mungo Bungo

Born in the small vibrant city of Amsterdam (2018), Mungo Bungo is a 5 piece groove machine that focus’ it’s energy on live performance. The music is predominantly based on groove and improvisation, drawing elements from the Balkans, West Africa, South Africa and contemporary music for it’s rhythms and melodies.

The band members come from all across the globe, each with their own musical backgrounds and personalities which are encouraged to be let loose into the music and adds a unique flavour to the groups sound. No matter what your mood, by the time their waves reach your ears you’ll be moving, swaying, spinning, shaking, jiggling, wiggling, bouncing and grooving.

Line-up: James McClure (South Africa) – trumpet ; Egor Doubay (Belgium) – saxophone ; Ashton Sellars (New Zealand) – guitar;  Peter Keijsers (Netherlands) – sousaphone; Nick Thessalonikefs (Greece) – drums