Marquis Hill Blacktet

For years he was seen as one of the most promising trumpeters, but after Marquis Hill won the prestigious Thelonious Trumpet Competition in 2014, his career progressed faster and faster. The prize won him a contract with Concord Records, the label on which he released The Way We Play in 2016. On his widely acclaimed album, the Chicago-based talent gives new energy to standards like Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage and Monk’s Straight No Chaser. At So What’s Next? Marquis Hill will present his forthcoming album.

With his regular band Blacktet Hill effortlessly mixes influences of hip hop, spoken word and drum ‘n’ bass with more traditional jazz sounds. He brings forth his unique sound with a technique previously only used by sax players, the so-called sub-tone. Hill lets the surplus air in his mouth flow into the trumpet, making it sound just a tad rougher and almost human. Although we might do better to say: superhuman. Marquis Hill will present a brand new album at So What’s Next?.

Line-up: Marquis Hill – trumpet; Braxton Cook – alto saxophone; Jeremiah Hunt – bass; Jonathan Pinson – drums; Joel Ross – vibraphone


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