Benjamin Herman ‘Project S’

Benjamin Herman is one of the most original and productive jazz musicians in the Netherlands exploring influences beyond the confines of the jazz world. He’s the leader of New Cool Collective and Dutch jazz icon, always fresh-spirited and sharply dressed. His gigs are inspired by dance floor jazz, surf and punk music, free jazz and traditional music from all over the world, attracting music fans of all genres as well as straight ahead jazz aficionados.

To celebrate his 50th birthday Benjamin has released ‘Project S’ in 2018 (and two more albums), an ode to the legendary ‘Citroën SM’. The music of the album – that was released on cassette and vynil only – is the soundtrack for a documentary about the legendary car that is yet to be released. This mythic vehicle used to belong to presidents and celebrities, including Johan Cruijff. A Citroën with a Maserati motor, which is a way to describe the album’s sound. ‘Serge Gainsbourg meets Fausto Papetti’, according to Benjamin Herman.

According to Het Parool Benjamin Herman has reinvented himself making “old-fashioned and slow porn jazz.”

“Herman is an alto saxophonist with a penchant for hyperkinetic jazz, not to mention a wicked sense of humor” – Downbeat

Line-up: Benjamin Herman – saxophones; Rory Ronde – guitar; Alexander van Popta – piano, keyboards; Manuel Hugas – bas; Joost Kroon – drums; Pauline Koning – violin; Yannick Hiwat – violin; Rani Kumar – alto violin; Susanne Rosmolen – cello


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