Instrumental Space Funk is what Baskar calls their concoction of intoxicating tunes. While embracing a musical cornerstone here and there, the grooves and melodies might feel a bit unconventional at times. Where you are pulled out of your comfort-zone by one instrument, the other will just soothe you back in.

With a love of sound from back in the days, Baskar jams until there is some considerable head-bobbin’ going on in the audience. The songs are built back up after stripping it to the bare minimum, making a structure which feels recognizable while still leaving room for jams. Bob Hogenelst (drums) and Lars Aarts (percussion) will keep your feet moving with rhythms of Afrobeat and second line. Maarten Pool (bass) brings growling grooves from the deep-end, over which Gertjan Gutman (Hammond) Yuri Guérin (guitar) take on the riffs and lingering melodies.

Line-up: Yuri Guerin – guitar; Gertjan Gutman – organ; Maarten Pool – bass; Lars Aarts – percussion; Bob Hogenelst – drums

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