SFJAZZ Collective

The SFJAZZ Collective is an unbelievable all star ensemble. Eight top jazz musicians/composers have joined musical forces in a band that was founded at the initiative of the San Francisco Jazz Organization. Over a short period of time the ensemble, including among others alto saxophonist Miguel Zénon, tenor saxophonist David Sánchez , trumpeter Sean Jones and vibist Warren Wolf, has developed into a solid band that sheds a contemporary light on the compositions of among others Herbie Hancock, Thelonius Monk, Horace Silver, John Coltrane en Stevie Wonder. The SFJAZZ Collective’s mission each year is to perform fresh arrangements of works by a modern master.

Line-up: Miguel Zénon – alto sax; David Sánchez – tenor sax; Sean Jones – trumpet; Robin Eubanks – trombone; Warren Wolf – vibraphone; Edward Simon – piano; Matt Penman – bass, Obed Calvaire – drums

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