Philipp Rüttgers

Every year the North Sea Jazz Festival commissions a promising Dutch jazz composer to write a free composition. In 2018, the honour goes to pianist and composer Philipp Rüttgers. He will perform his Fairy Tales project live at So What’s Next?.

Philipp Rüttgers (1981) studied piano at the Arnhem ArtEZ Conservatorium, where he also teaches. Rüttgers is bandleader of the Phat Cool Bigband, the KAMA Quartet, and the successful formation Phil’s Music Laboratory, with which he performed at the festival in 2016. Rüttgers is seen as a musical explorer who plays and writes music in an unconventional, surprising and perceptive way, continuously taking new musical paths.

For the Composition Assignment Rüttgers will take the listener to revisit fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, giving them voice in a composition entitled Twists Of H.C. Andersen’s Untaped Fairy Tales. He will perform with a totally new quintet consisting of musicians with varied backgrounds in jazz, classical, improv, electronic, and Indian music.

Asked about his artistic choices Rüttgers says: “I find it exciting to use a theme with which I and all other people have a deep connection. I was looking for funny, fascinating, profound and maybe even esoteric stories. For that, I searched my past for books I grew up with. What I found were the fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen.”

Line-up: Heidi Heidelberg – vocals, guitar; Oene van Geel – alto violin (quintone);Philipp Rüttgers – piano, synthesizers, Microphonic Soundbox; Nathan Wouters – double bass; Yonga Sun – drums, electronics


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